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FILE TITLE"Chat Log 28 JUNE 2017 - 2924"



Chat Log 28 JUNE 2017 - 2924

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Katherine Jianhey david, do you have the latest results for sapphire spectre in yet?
- U-11029 is now known as David MacAdam
David MacAdamSophia.
Katherine Jiansorry?
David MacAdamShe has a name, Katherine.
Katherine Jianokay
Katherine Jianum
Katherine Jianso do you have the results in yet
David MacAdamCensors are still going over it. I think they'll be done in an hour or so.
Katherine Jianugh shit okay
David MacAdamWhat do you need it for?
Katherine Jiani mean it's nothing urgent, just seeing some odd numbers from the object, wanted to run a quick comparison, see if there was any link
David MacAdamUh, which object??
Katherine Jianthe pleiades one, doofus. you know i'm not cleared for 99
David MacAdamRight, sorry.
David MacAdamI'm just still... jittery. Syracuse wasn't the sort of thing you just forget.
Katherine Jianright, you were actually there
David MacAdamRegrettably.
David MacAdamKathy?
Katherine Jianyeah dave?
David MacAdamShe had a life.
Katherine Jiansorry?
David MacAdamShe had a life. Sophia did. Family and friends and a girlfriend and everything. And we took that away from her. We even took away her name.
Katherine Jianhey dave what's this about?
David MacAdamI listened in on a psych session. I know that's a breach of protocol.
Katherine Jianuh yeah no shit. doctor-patient confidentiality and all
David MacAdamAurora lied to me.
Katherine Jianhuh?
David MacAdamDr. Chambers. She's been falsifying her reports. The ones to me anyway.
Katherine Jianfalsifying…? wtf?
David MacAdamShe'd been writing like everything was under control. "Subject is struggling but adapting to new environment" and shit like that. You know what I heard yesterday? When I listened to them actually talking?
David MacAdamShe's been gaslighting her. Trying to make her doubt all her memories from before Syracuse. And Sophia isn't ~adapting~, she's falling apart.
David MacAdamApparently Aurora ordered security to take all metallic objects out of Sophia's cell
David MacAdambecause she was CUTTING HERSELF.
Katherine Jiandavid, don't you think you're getting a little too invested?
David MacAdamToo invested?
David MacAdamAre you shitting me.
Katherine Jiandon't be that way. you know what's at stake here.
David MacAdamDo I? Or are we being lied to about that too?
Katherine Jianlook, maybe dr. chambers is just a bad apple
Katherine Jianget someone else in there, someone professional who can get her to actually calm down enough for us to get useful results, you know?
David MacAdam"Useful results." Christ.
David MacAdamYou know what Aurora's cleared at?
David MacAdamBerlin White.
David MacAdamThe Committee put her here, Kath. They put her here because this is what they wanted.
Katherine Jianjust because she's cleared doesn't mean she's clean. come on, we all know how high-up kawasaki was before she turned
David MacAdamWell, we'll find out.
David MacAdamBecause I'm taking her off the project, suspending her for professional misconduct, and filing a complaint with the CRB.
David MacAdamLying to superiors is supposed to be the sort of thing you get your clearance pulled for.
David MacAdamOr at least it was back when I joined up.
David MacAdamBack when I could still recognize this goddamned place.
Katherine Jianjesus, david
Katherine Jiandon't you think you're taking this all a little too hard?
David MacAdamToo hard?
David MacAdamTOO HARD????
David MacAdamWe've been torturing an innocent teenager in the name of science and the woman who was supposed to be HELPING HER COPE has been calling her a liar and forcing antipsychotics down her throat.
Katherine Jiani just don't want to see you putting your job on the line here.
Katherine Jianlike. if you're right? and this is what the committee wants?
Katherine Jiani'm sorry, man. but when the chairwoman says jump? we jump
David MacAdamMaybe it's time that changed.
Katherine Jianum
Katherine Jianwhat exactly are you saying, david
David MacAdamAfter Kawasaki turned, I thought we were past this sort of thing.
David MacAdamPast having to stand by and watch while sh
Katherine Jiandavid?
Katherine Jianhey, david, you there
David MacAdamI'm sorry. I was in the bathroom
David MacAdamForget I said anything. I don't want to talk about Kawasaki. Ever again.
Katherine Jiani'm sorry, dude
Katherine Jiani mean i wasn't there back then but like. we all heard the rumors
David MacAdamIt was exactly as bad as you heard.
David MacAdamProbably worse.
David MacAdamAnd I was a coward.
David MacAdamI'm done making that mistake
- David MacAdam (U-11029) has logged out.
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